International schools in Bangkok: To Board or, to Day-School?

With the international schools booming in number, nearly all Thai international schools are witnessing massive demand across the globe. They are redefining the meaning of quality and affordable international education, remedying the deteriorating standard of education in the country. And so, owing to the country’s good reputation, the population of kids attending international schools has been consistently growing.

In Bangkok, locals with the financial might to afford international education, as well as diplomats and ex-pats, no longer have to worry about where to educate their kids. The city has some of the leading international schools, including those offering British, American, IB, and Thai-Chinese curricular. 

But amongst parents of these little angels, there’s always one puzzle that’s proving a lot harder to resolve: day-school or boarding. 

Day or Boarding – Which one is the most ideal?
Day international schools are those schools whereby kids only study during the day and go back home in the evening. Basically, the kid leaves for school in the morning, taking the school bus, or getting dropped off by the parent. Day schools are relatively cheaper since the student only spends a limited amount of time at school. 

In Thailand, however, boarding schools are top-rated, especially when it comes to local government schools. For a majority of parents, boarding essentially means that kids get round-the-clock education and development. They get confined in an educational world where learning is the primary focus, and little time is wasted on anything secondary. 

Some international schools also have boarding complexes where kids forget the outside world and focus on what’s essential, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Most of them register impressive performances as kids not only spend hours in the classroom but also learn invaluable extra-curricular skills all within the campus. 

The student gains essential life skills, including those which couldn’t have been possible to learn through sitting at home as a day-scholar. The kid gets enough time to code, swim, play piano, or play soccer after class, eventually growing up into a talented, all-rounded kid. 

Amazingly, the likelihood of passing in an international boarding school in Thailand is higher. These schools are often strict about homework and other assignments, even as teachers always have more time to tutor students. 

It is usual for international schools with boarding facilities in Thailand to have perhaps the most beautiful campuses. Besides having state-of-the-art boarding houses and recreation centers, most of them have modern dining halls, cool libraries, multi-purpose sports centers, and other excellent facilities. 

Perhaps the only downside with these schools is the fact that they’re often a bit more expensive than their day counterparts. This, however, is no big deal since most of the schools are top co-educational day and boarding schools to serve the needs of all parents. 

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