Why choose International School Bangkok?

One important education option in a country like Thailand is parents deciding whether they want their children to continue being educated in their home country; they then usually choose a school with the corresponding curriculum structures. But another popular option is the International Baccalaureate or IB programme. This programme was developed in 1968 in Switzerland. It is recognized internationally and was designed to prepare students who follow the programme to be world leaders and citizens, ready for continued study at any top university of the world.

At an international school Bangkok such as KIS International School, their curriculum embraces the IB programme via an international approach. Students from over 44 international countries attend here, making the school a colourful mix of traditions, languages, and cultures in a beautiful green, nurturing, safe and welcoming environment. A lot of the international schools in this city only offer one of the three IB programmes, such as only the Diploma Programme (DP). The beauty of KIS is that it is dedicated fully to educating your child from the start. This will be from the Primary Years Programme (PYP) right through to the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and then on to the Diploma Programme (DP).

Ticking all the boxes

A strong academic programme for entrance to top universities is offered to the primary and the secondary year students. Outstanding graduates from a school like KIS have graduated, with proof that the programmes offered pave the way to a child’s success. The academic standards have been verified via standardized testing right through the school and also from the excellent results achieve by the IB Diploma programme students. KIS is a school that because of these results, proves that it has met the standards proscribed for the top international schools, not only in the city of Bangkok, but it is a school that as met international standards right around the world. 

Further proof lies in the fact that graduates from the KIS International School Bangkok have been and continue to be accepted into the most prestigious universities of the world. The average IB Diploma programme scores usually always exceed the world average. It does not stand to wonder why graduates average on around $1,000,000 USD in university scholarships offered to this school’s outstanding achievements. A bright future awaits your child at KIS, no doubt.