Knowledge is power at International School Bangkok

If you are looking for a school that inspires young people to become better individuals and who in turn want to inspire and encourage others to make the world a better place to live in, then an international school Bangkok is the right choice. There are many international schools scattered all over Thailand, but one of the top ones in Bangkok is the KIS International School, offering top quality education. Each child is recognized as a unique individual, to be an independent thinker to take their positive place in the world.

KIS is not a random name given for this school. The reason it is called KIS is because it stands for three core values, that of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit.

  • Knowledge: Students from KIS are taught the capability of interacting with the dynamic rigorous curriculum offered at the school. Their characters, skills and knowledge are developed so that they are able to pursue their goals and become life-long learners in the world.
  • Inspiration: Students at KIS are provided with a very supportive and safe environment where they, along with other members of the community, learn to be passionate and creative about their learning; to share their ideas and in doing so, inspire others to give of and be their best ever.
  • Spirit:  You will feel this well-taught spirt at KIS, felt in all aspects of the KIS community. It becomes evident in students from this school by the way they assist, encourage and inspire others, taking these attributes into the world.

KIS was established way back in 1998, choosing to be known as a full IB International school. It is because they believe that IB or International Baccalaureate programmes help to lead the way for a student’s success, from their growing years into the future. It is imperative for KIS that children in their school feel happy and are successful thorough their early years right through to Grade 12.  Top International universities across the world open their doors to students emerging like shiny butterflies from KIS International School; it would be sad not to send your children here for a very bright and happy stay.