International School of Bangkok

In the modern city of Bangkok, there are various international schools. This is because Bangkok has become the hub of expats who come from all over the globe for a host of reasons including either work or live for a long time in the Thai capital.

So if you have kids and find yourself in Bangkok, the least you should worry about is finding an international school that will suit them.

International Schools of Bangkok can be slightly different from each other. Some have international curriculum while some teach only Thai curriculum and are best for kids that are bilingual (they speak both Thai and English). As an expat, the international school of Bangkok that should suit your child is one with a foreign curriculum. Need our recommendation?

KIS International School is a recommendable international school of Bangkok. It is one of the top international schools in south-eastern Asia.

KIS International School is strictly a collaborative community and is highly favored by expats reason it has students from more than 54 different nationalities numbering about 680.

There is more to this school. KIS International School is made up of modern learning facilities and a highly trained staff. There exists a strong relationship between the staff and the parents of the kids and they cooperate to ensure that the kid(s) have the best of quality education and training. The school exclusively offers international baccalaureate programs and also makes it possible for interested students to acquire an IB education beginning from age 3 to 18.

Not only will your kid(s) be offered a challenging ‘international curriculum,' they will also have a chance to grow themselves and their society via carefully arranged sports activities, creative thinking activities and active participation in community service. This will make them responsible kids who will grow up to become responsible adults who steadily learn all their lives and can cause global changes.

KIS International School has the backing of Ministry of Education in Thailand, the Council of International Schools and the IBO (International Baccalaureate Organization). It is also in affiliation with the Washington International School in Washington D.C.