Improve your child with mindfulness training

Mindfulness training is the learning or practicing ways of life by aware of what we are doing and where we are. It helps participants to increase their ability to live fully in the present moment. Mindfulness training can be practice from kids to old, begin mindfulness training by younger will created a better result.

Supporting your child with mindfulness training to help them grow up with calm minds and bodies, positive behavior and communication, and more intelligence in emotional.


Mindfulness activities for your child

There are many ways to helping your child improve their mindfulness, it can be in your house, at your kid's school, in the park, and throughout your kid’s daily routines. We will suggest some activities that can help your child improve their mindfulness.

  • Let your children siting and do the mindfulness meditation.
  • Take your children for a walk and deep breathe on their steps.
  • Practice your child by prompting them to think of 5 things that surround them.
  • Explore nature, let’s kids collect objects from nature outside the home, and lets them feel it.
  • Mindfulness and technology, let’s kid learning from video online or other media.
  • Let children checking the weather report.

Benefits of mindfulness training      

Mindfulness training has many benefits for kids including some benefits below:

  • Improved kids attention and focused
  • Enhanced emotional and social skills
  • Reduced stress or anxiety
  • Improved kids behavior
  • Increased self-esteem



For the high potential of a result, kids have to practice mindfulness training often and not only kid, parents must engage with their children to helping them practice the mindfulness well, but if the parent doesn’t have enough time to join with their child, mindfulness training institute will be suitable for their kids.

Mindfulness Academy of Asia (MMA) is a new adjunct facility of The American School of Bangkok, specializing in the teaching and learning of mindfulness in education. Please visit