Company Registration Options for Foreigners in Thailand

If you are new to the business industry, the company registration task may appear a little complicated to you. However, if you are planning to set up your new business in Thailand, the process can be executed with ease by anyone.

Thailand is one of the top-rated business hubs where even foreigners can set up a new business with ease. The procedures to company registration in Thailand are quite simple, and it takes lesser time to complete the process. Furthermore, there are numbers of options to register a new business in this country. You can choose one according to the niche and theme of your business.

Those who are looking for some options to company registration in Thailand are advised to go through the details below:

Thai Limited Company:
One of the most common options for business registration in Thailand is Corporate Limited company. Most of the investors prefer to choose this option because in this case, they have limited liability towards the unpaid shares that are held by them. In general, Thailand limited company needs at least three promoters that can file a memorandum of association at a dedicated office. They will also convey the statutory meeting and complete the process of company registration in Thailand. As soon as the Thai limited company gets registered, the promoters further need to apply for the tax identity card. Few selected companies may also need to make efforts for the VAT system as well. It completely depends upon the type of business you are running and the estimated gross income. It is also necessary to execute accounting procedures for Revenue Code, Accounting Act, Civil, and Commercial Code as well.

Sole Proprietorship:
This type of business is generally not recommended for Thailand because in this case, the sole owner needs to be responsible for huge business liability. If you are a foreigner investor, this may seem a quite complicated and tough task.

Some professionals also prefer to go for the partnership-based business, and it can be of two types in general. You can go ahead with an unregistered partnership or registered partnership. Many experts do not recommend opening a partnership-based company in Thailand, and the reason for this advice is the same as that of a sole proprietorship. It may create an additional burden on all the partners, and they may find it little difficult to run the business ahead.

Branch Offices:
Last but the least category for business or company registration in Thailand is a branch office. You can opt for operating your foreign-based business from Thailand by establishing a branch office in the country. One can set up a representors office in the area; it works almost the same as the branch office but won’t allow you to make money through business in Thailand. Hence, it is, again, a bad choice.

In order to move ahead with company registration in Thailand; it is first important to choose which one of these options will you opt for. Make sure you choose something more relevant to your interest and needs.

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