Why Thai International Schools Are Increasingly Appealing to Foreign Students

Thailand, the “land of smiles,” is slowly becoming a top Asian educational destination. With over 170 international schools, most them of whom found in Bangkok, the country is giving Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia a run. 

Thailand used to be a predominantly tourist country. It was a huge tourist destination and it’s arguably the most visited Asian country. Its many unique must-sees, including over 40,000 Buddhist temples, adventure trails, beautiful beaches, elephant sanctuaries, affordable accommodation facilities meant that international schools were little known. 

That has, however, changed today. 

Foreigners no longer flock to Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and lesser-known countries like Vietnam the way it was a few years ago. Thailand is is already attracting thousands of foreign kids. In fact, in almost all international schools in Bangkok, Thailand, about half the student population comprises children of expats, immigrants, vacationers and diplomats. 

But as the wave of international education sweeps across the country, many foreigners are seemingly getting attracted to the country’s improving quality of education. Some individuals from as far as the UK and America do relocate to the country for good, hoping to leverage the cheaper living standards, especially since schools in Thailand are relatively affordable. 

Quality, Affordable Education Offered in Thai International Schools

In November 2017, foreign students in Bangkok participated in an online survey, listing down their average expenses on tuition, stationery, and accommodation. Most of them expressed delight in studying at the country’s prestigious schools while paying a fraction of what they’d pay back at home.

This is further expressed by what many of those enrolling their kids in schools in Thailand say. For them, the fact that they can get their little ones to pursue the exact-same British, American or International baccalaureate curriculum and excel while paying little is a plus. 

Many colleges and universities, both in Thailand and abroad, recognize and admit kids graduating from international schools in Bangkok, Thailand. Many of these schools also witness an impressive 95% transition, something that gives parents the confidence that their little ones will further their studies. 

Incredibly, some schools even have regular student exchange programs with foreign institutions. That, coupled with such incentives as scholarships and tuition waivers, slash overall costs by a significant amount. 

The Numbers are Rising
The entire global international education sector recognizes Thailand as being one of the key hubs of cheaper, quality education. The sudden rise in the number of schools is a testament to the sheer number of foreign students relocating to this country for education. But still, Thailand generally is set to be the biggest destination for international education across Southern Asia. 

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