How to choose the best international school in Thailand?

Wondering about how you can choose the best international school in Thailand? There are certain factors that you should consider so that you will be able to enjoy the desired benefits out of your choice. The major thing you should be wary about is the type of curriculum offered by the institution. You need to understand quite a lot of things why this international school is a good fit for you. You also need to probe other extracurricular activities that are offered by the institution to establish the reasons why it is the best among the rest.


In Thailand, you do not need to look further than the American School of Bangkok (ASB). This privately owned international school offers quality education preparatory to Grade 12 level that is based on American curriculum. Indeed, the curriculum is good for you if you are in Thailand or the rest of Asia since it is tailored from an international perspective. This means that you stand better chances of doing some of the best courses that are internationally recognized if you enroll at this institution. For instance, ASB boasts of over 30 years of producing some of the graduates who have enrolled at some of the world’s most prestigious universities such as University of California, Washington, Tokyo, British Columbia and Harvard among others. ASB has a rigorous curriculum that is meant to stimulate the intellectual, physical as well as creative development of the students.


Apart from the exceptional academic curriculum offered by the ASB, it also boasts of excellent extracurricular activities in the form of sport. The institution prides of Asia’s Best Golf Academy. This is particularly meant to help the students realize their potential in sport. The institution offers modern coaching trends to help the students realize their mastery in golf and other sporting disciplines. ASB is also committed to train the students so that they can view sport as a lucrative profession instead of focusing on academia alone. It can also be seen that the institution also boasts of a boarding facility at its Green Valley campus to provide the best amenities to the students. 

If you looking for International school in Bangkok for your childs please visit The American School of Bangkok (ASB).